Super Soren Inc. is Seeking a Strategic Partnership with MMSD to Create & Empower Young Published Student Authors 

Milwaukee’s Best-Selling Author Kristen Perhach of Super Soren  wants MMSD classes to be part of her 2021 group of published student authors. Students will participate in writing, illustrating and publishing workshops led by best-selling author Kristen Perhach during the 2020-2021 school year, culminating in students being published authors in June 2021.


This unique opportunity adds value to existing curriculum and learning goals while providing extraordinary real-world depth. All workshops are highly adaptable and can be implemented virtually or via a blended learning model. All students can equally participate whether they are attending in-person or remotely. 


Kristen is a publishing professional, former educator, and an online learning expert who will make this easy while creating an experience to last a lifetime. The end result is a premium-quality, professional, hardcover book for every child.

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Meet Super Soren, an underdog heroine who will inspire and nurture courage and confidence in all children. 


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Information about the Young Student Author Program

Learn more about the program including timeline and cost, as well as more info about Kristen. 

Information about Author Readings & Visits 

If a year-long strategic partnership doesn't fit your needs, click here to learn more about author visits from Kristen and readings of Super Soren.

General Information about Super Soren

learn more about the book Super Soren and its focus on SEL and empowerment.  

Super Soren Guided Imagery Activity 

An optional part of the Kristen's author visit is having students participate in a guided imagery activity to build confidence and courage. 


Contact Super Soren Inc. today to learn more. Reach out to Kristen Perhach at or at (773) 706-5057. 


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